Your Music/My Lyrics

   These were special collaborations, the artists came to me with completed instrumental tracks.  I simply created the lyrics, lyrical melody and performed them on the artists original instrumental tracks.   No further modifcations were required by the original artists.  The soundcloud page provides more detail, including the full lyrics.
   This is my first such collaboration. Something I am still very proud of.   

Do not let the intro scare you, a really nice melody emerges and is complimented by a smart lyric.
   Steve Thompson had this fabulous instrumental track, that just spoke to me.  Originally titled Fundee as his instrumental, we retitled it Perspective...  give it a listen!
   Quite a story behind this fantastic piece of original music from The August Infinity.  I wrote these lyrics, and lyrical melody inspired by the title - Open Doors.
After 1515 Mathias suggested I write a lyric for an instrumental he called Weapon. I wrote the lyric inspired by the title, and the music considering music in the context of a weapon for peace.  

   Skydiver is a dramatic song, the lyric again derived from the title and inspired by the music.
   Once again I had the privilege of working with a great instrumental track from a great SoundCloud artist (Cookada3).  And as usual, I wrote the lyrics based off his established title “Something New”.  In this instance I suggested Adam add a guitar solo which he did, and its fantastic!
    I heard something "crazy" in this instrumental track, conveniently called Psycho by its author Leonow.   Its a different sort of vibe then I've posted in the past. As far as Genre, he called it Psychobilly - so that was good enough for me.
Michael from The Upstairs Room wakes up one morning says he felt he had to record a tribute to Ronnie Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd fame). I am a fan (who isnt?), I hear this thing and immediately these lyrics start pouring out... he liked what he heard and so here is our little tribute.